Breastfeeding Support


Assist the breastfeeding parent and baby with any concerns
in a comfortable, non-judgmental, patient-centered atmosphere.


COMMON Conditions

-Latching & feeding management
-Milk supply
-Breast or nipple pain
-Blocked ducts
-Tongue tie
-Cleft lip/palate


Pre-natal visits can help you to prepare for the arrival of your baby by allowing you to ask questions and address any concerns you have prior to delivery, and about any previous breastfeeding experiences you have had. At home or in clinic visits are offered within the first week, and then on a case-by-case basis depending on the needs of that family.  

Laura works with the breastfeeding parent and baby during visits through different approaches to help adjust latch mechanics, assist with milk flow or supply issues, breast or nipple pain, mastitis, blocked ducts, or any other concerns that may arise.



Laura is working on completing her hours to become a lactation consultant. She completed the
in-class component through the International Breastfeeding Clinic in Toronto. She also began completing her clinical hours there, before she returned back to Lambton County to begin her career as naturopathic doctor.